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Even though some of you may not be too familiar with the DelTigre family yet, we hope to get to know each and every one of you in the days ahead.

Along with comfort, design and style, we are also a brand that cares about the world around us. With our latest collection, we wanted to do something that would reach further than what we can do on our own. I wanted to do my part to give back and help those who’s needs are far greater than my own. Our family has been blessed beyond what we deserve, and we always strive to live with thankful hearts. I think that giving and spreading hope is at the center of that effort. Thankfulness is tied to giving. It took no time at all for me to decide where to send support and hope, coming directly from the DelTigre community. I am hugely invested in an orphanage located in Guatemala called Casa Angelina. Run by What Matters Most Ministries, this orphanage was named after my sister who went to heaven in an untimely death 16 years ago. We chose as a family to celebrate her life and compassion by connecting with What Matters Most to bring Casa Angelina to life. Approximately 100 children currently reside at Casa Angelina, along with many widows, who were all rescued from unthinkable situations in Guatemala. They are cared for, nursed to health, counseled, educated, and trained for careers that will last them a lifetime. These children are not adopted out, but remain at Casa Angelina until they are adults and can become involved as high-level influencers in their own communities and around the world. Many of the children have already grown up and gone to college or on to careers who are still in communication with he orphanage today. However, we are gaining new children of all ages on a regular basis who’s needs are tremendous. Guatemala has approximately 400,000 orphans, and we want to somehow reach them all. It’s difficult to think that any one or any singular organization can make such an impact, but I believe we can! It is done one effort at a time. One gift at a time. One voice of hope at a time. 

With the latest collection, I came up with a design that will look great on men or women alike, young or old. This bracelet is called Angelina. When purchased, the proceeds will go directly to Casa Angelina. They are constantly building new houses for the children to live in and expanding the resources on the grounds that will better facilitate every need that might arise. I want DelTigre to give a substantial gift in support of the orphans and widows that I now consider part of my own family. My heart is so connected to this vision and cause, I give every chance I can personally to Casa Angelina. Now, I would be so humbled and honored to give from my company as well. 

I hope that you find this post encouraging and informative. It’s exciting to be a part of something so much bigger than yourself. And I hope you also enjoy the bracelet that I designed for this cause! It’s a simple statement piece that can be worn with just about anything. And every time I look at it, I’m reminded of what matters and helping a world so greatly in need. We can spread hope with something as simple as a piece of jewelry! Let’s join together and make a different. 

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