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Many of you may have seen photos of a STUNNING leather tote bag on our Instagram or Facebook recently. Or maybe you saw it in person at our most recent pop-up! Or maybe you’re new to the DelT family and this is all brand new information. Either way, we aren’t hiding it, we’ve designed a bag! I’m so excited to be releasing a leather bag that’s both beautiful, functional, and timeless. I’ve personally been carrying around a prototype of the bag for about a month now and I’m in love. Waiting on our inventory to arrive is the hardest thing. But we’ve been taking special care to perfect each and every detail. I can’t wait until everyone can try the bag and enjoy it themselves. 

I won’t skip saying that this has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. I’ve always been drawn to accessories and styling. I remember sketching jewelry designs during church before I was even in junior high. And purses - if it were up to me, I’d have a separate closet just for my handbags! I want them in all shapes and sizes. With purses, one of the hardest details to pinpoint is luxury and actual real world reality. Like how many lipglosses, diapers, water bottles, nail files, coupons, and ziplock snack baggies can I fit in here while still feeling like I'm carrying a high-end bag? The answer? LOTS. I feel like our new tote bag (or purse, you decide 🙂) has so much visual appeal to go along with it’s capacity for daily use. I really hope you love it, too. And yes, for everyone asking, there’s more bags and accessory designs coming soon! Gardy and I work every day on DelTigre designs and products. We are completely passionate about our apparel line and seeing it become exactly what you need & love in the days ahead. 

We should be able to take orders in just a few more weeks for our Chelsea boot, the lace-up boot, and the leather tote bag. Yay!!!

More updates to come! As always, thanks for your love & support for DelTigre ❤️


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