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I need all the jewel tones for November! We seem to focus on all things warm and cozy in our closets for the last three months of the year, even in Texas...when it’s still 80° outside! We just like the idea of warmth and comfort. I even have my fireplace on today! But just because our clothes are fluffy, soft, or somewhat muted in tone, our accessories don’t have to be! The perfect outfit might just be a cream or grey sweater with black pants, black boots, and a stack of rich jewel tones adorning your wrist. Let November be a celebration of color as we begin to reflect on all we’re thankful for from this year. Our favorites at DelTigre include burgundy, blue, mustard, copper, and emerald green. Check our website or Instagram feed to pick up some of these stunning color combos. Add them to your metal bangles and neutrals for a stylish addition to your end-of-the-year wardrobe. Happy November!


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